The Blair Private Collection.


Believed to be Seto-ware from the Edo period of Japan, this stoneware deep dish has two family crests (kamon) and was possibly a wedding gift. The designs are created using paper stencils and 'blown' glaze sprayed across, possibly by mouth.


The "circular" crest in what a mandarin orange flower and may represent the Hikone Tichibana clan. The hanging crest may be the falling Fuji (Sagari Fuji) crest and is likely of the Fujiwara clan.


Glaze detail in brown on tan tones. 


Previously owned and displayed proudly. Possibly from the 1800s, but was acquired in the 70s. The stands are not included but are available at $25 each (photo available upon request).


Price is suggested. Please contact us.


9.5" (Diam.) x 2" (W) 

Stoneware dish with Japanese Family Crests

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