"I have refrained from giving these pieces a poetic name so as not to influence the observer with a pre-conceived notion. I very much want the viewer to make of it what they will, and accept it with their own individual ideas.


These have all been constructed from materials found in nature. I am drawn to the earth tones but also intrigued with the variety of color that nature offers. I began simply with leaves and petals but have been expanding my process  to include an assortment of other dried materials such as seed pods or remnants of pieces of bark from a tree. I am fascinated by the curves and creases because they seem to be calling out for attention.


Decorating the basic form, of a leaf, for example, is like strategically embellishing the form with punctuation marks. I work  in a spontaneous, impromptu way through a process of discovery and the element of surprise. I want the end result to be pleasing to the eye and respectful of the elements chosen."


One-of-a-Kind. Part of a series.


Artist: Roberta Cantow


Magnolia leaf, Orchcid petals, Lily petals. Mounted in a frame behind glass.


Framed size 12"(w) x 15"(h) x 2.5"(d)


Note: these are made of natural materials and as such, some color changes and degradation may occur over time. We recommend not displaying these in direct sunlight.

Natural Found Materials Assemblage 001

SKU: FA-FndObj-leaf-001