Home Decor Acessories

Glass has been used for art and for decoration for a very long time and has a long tradition. We are all familiar with the stained glass windows of gothic cathedrals, but there are examples of both decorative and functional glass going back thousands of years. The luster and beauty of glass has captivated people throughout history and it is no wonder we continue to find enjoyment in glass used in art and home decoration to this day.

CurioHome offers a variety of hand-crafted glass items to enjoy and showcase in your home decor. Glass and crystal can be displayed as unique objects of art, as accents in your decorations, to enhance your table when you entertain, as ornaments, jewelry, or given as a gift. Whether draped from a chandelier or hung in a window or as part of your landscaping to catch the rays of the sun, glass and crystal will add light, color, sparkle— and enjoyment— to your home. The uses for glass is as unlimited as our imagination. Please browse our selection and be sure to bookmark us as we add unique glass items for home decoration and accents frequently.