Glass and Crystal Prisms, Chandelier Trimmings, Drops, Beads, Jewels, and Beaded Chain

Historically, the lighting industry used the term "crystal prism" as an umbrella term to encompass the myriad of shapes and glass materials used to decorate a chandelier and together all these crystal prisms were called "chandelier trimmings" to distinguish them from other chandelier parts, such as arms, bobeches, bodies, and finials, and electrical components such as sockets, wire, etc. Individually you may also come across the term drop, bead, and jewel and these may be faced or smooth. Beaded chain consists of beads strung together either graduated or uniform where the size of the bead remains constant over the length of the chain. While most often made of glass, crystal can also be used. Crystal is a glass product but with a specific chemical makeup.

We offer a wide variety of crystal prisms, chandelier trimmings, drops, beads, jewels and beaded chain. If you do not see what you are looking for in our store, please contact us. If you are looking for replacements for chipped or broken prisms for older chandeliers, we still have some stock of older pieces when it simply must match an existing crystal prism.