Chandelier Parts

The word chandelier was used in English by the mid-1700s. Chandeliers evolved from the candelabra and were invented during the medieval era and used candles as the light source. By the 18th century chandeliers used gas light and later electric lights. There are many parts used in making of chandeliers and these chandelier parts include: the arm, which is what holds the light; the bobeche, which is a dish that sits just below the candle nozzle/socket and was originally designed to catch drips of wax and from which prisms (also known as "drops") are suspended; and the body, which is composed of breaks, spindles, tubes, etc.

CurioHome offers many chandelier parts made with glass, especially arms and bobeches, as well as prism pins. It is possible to retrofit a modern lighting fixture to add crystal and glass prisms, beads and drops and for that we offer glass rings which slide over arms and from which you can hang prisms. If you need a specialty part, or something in a different size, please contact us and we will be happy to help.